Monday, September 19

Zipline Adventures

Todays plan: zipping around the tree tops of Juneau.

This is the crew:

The Abominable Adam. Bonnie the Burninator.

Areodynamic Alex. Tiffany the Tree-Top Trampler.

And then there's me: Rebecca the Rambunctious Ranger.

In total we got to do six zips, one suspension bridge, and one cup of steamy-oh so nice-blueberry tea.

Friday, September 16

Windfall Lake

Thank the heavens for the great outdoors. Just when I thought I was going to loose it on one of these tourist. Tourist: "What elevation are we at?" Me: "Well sir, how tall are you... Ya that's the elevation" Come one people I know you're on vacation but that doesn't give you the right to turn off your brain. Ok, so before I snapped I needed an escape. Camping. And I'm using the term 'camping' loosely. It was more like a cabin, on a lake, with a canoe, and a heater, it was nice.

Best moment of the night: When Bonnie offered/wanted to run around the cabin naked if, and only if, Tiffany would rise to the challenge of licking the table from edge to edge (mystery sticky spots included). Tiffany did. So Bonnie did.

Yes, that caterpillar looking creature would be Adam. And yes, I slept about a trillion times better than the last camping adventure. Thank you little blanket that I folded over about 8 times into a 1x3 rectangle to sleep on. You were softish.

On the way home we made a little pit stop at the other end of the road. Go to both ends of Juneau. Check. Regain my sanity. Check check.

Tuesday, September 13

Watering Hole

Here is all you really need to know about the watering hole: it is fed by glacier water and they haven't been able to locate the bottom. Not like they don't know where it is -obviously down- but they don't know how far down. I convinced Alex, with as few details as possible, to come with me. She was a wee bit worried. This is the before shot.

First: I jumped (took me about two minutes to conjure up the courage but I did it). Second: Alex told me she would jump right after me so I jumped. Third: Alex told me she was serious this time and she'd jump right after me so I jumped, again. Fourth: Alex jumped (took about 30 minutes and some beggin and pleading but she did it). Fifth: I jumped again. Count it people that is four whole times I jumped. My feet felt like they were being cut by razor blades by the end. And yes glacier water is as cold as it sounds, probably even colder. Yes, actually colder.

This is the aftermath. See all smiles. It must of not been to terrible. And it just got checked off the Juneau To-Do List. Check.

Monday, September 12


Some good ol' fashion sunshine turns a 30 minute lunch into an hour or so stroll about town, mungo hotdogs from the corner, and a mini nap on the dock.

Sunday, September 11

Last Chance Mining

Alex and I wandering up to the Last Chance Mining Museum. With each gate we'd walk through we were bombarded with signs *$4 Entrance Fee* but in true Beesley fashion I walked right past them. Right past the lady. And right into the Museum. Alex and I had a couple uninterupted minutes of Museum browsing. Then we got the boot. But let's be honest the real find was all the surrounding buildings and the rusted out mining carts.

Friday, September 9

Mt. Roberts

Yet again I found myself with the day off and nothing to do... till Alex came and wisked me away for a hike to the top of Mt. Roberts. Now at the top of the mountain is the tram station and it used to be that if you hiked to the top you could get a free ride down: not the case anymore. They charge like $10. And if you are lucky enough to have a no cruise ship day and hike to the top it isn't even open. So Alex and I wandered around the buildings.

Measured our wingspan; around the size of a Canadian Goose.

Saw some local wildlife. And the punk almost took off with my pb&j.


Hiked to "The Cross".

Took some epic pictures.

And made it back safe and sound.

We ended the day off with some hot chocolate and bear lovin' (I just want everyone to know I have yet to see a bear... and when tourist who are only in Juneau for a little less than a day see one and me who has been here for 3 months doesn't. It's bothering me very much. I'm about ready to leave a trail of fish leading up to my door and wait at the peephole till I see one).